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            Cleaning steps of lubricating device of CNC milling machine

            2020-02-20 1575

              Many parts of the lubricating device of CNC milling machine need to be cleaned regularly. The specific cleaning methods are as follows.

              (1) Cleaning method of oil rope and felt. Oil rope and linoleum are made of pure wool and play the role of oil absorption, filtration and dust prevention in the lubricating device. When it is used for a certain period of time, the capillary of wool fiber must be cleaned to restore its original function, because of the residual dirt blocking the capillary of wool fiber and reducing its lubricating performance. The steps of cleaning are as follows.

             ?、?Carefully remove the oil rope and felt from the device, especially the oil seal made of wool felt, which is easy to be damaged during disassembly, so it must be handled carefully.

             ?、?Squeeze out the remaining fluid by hand.

             ?、?Put the oil rope and felt in the container containing the cleaning solution for 24 hours. The commonly used cleaning fluid includes aviation cleaning kerosene, industrial alcohol, etc.

             ?、?Remove the soaked oil rope and linoleum and squeeze them out by hand; immerse them in the cleaning solution to make them full of cleaning solution; then pull out and squeeze them out again and again until they can't squeeze out the stolen goods.

             ?、?Soak the extruded oil rope and felt in the same brand and grade of lubricating oil.

             ?、?Reinstall the oil rope and felt that have fully absorbed the lubricating oil on the device.

              (2) Cleaning method of oil cup of CNC milling machine. The oil cups commonly used in mechanical equipment include pressure oil cup, rotating cap oil cup, rotating sleeve type oil cup, spring cap oil cup, needle valve type oil cup, etc. There are more and more dirty things left in the use of the oil cup, especially the grease left in the oil cup for a long time contacting with the air, which is easy to deteriorate. Once these residues enter the lubrication part of the equipment, they will destroy the normal lubrication function. Therefore, the oil cup should be cleaned regularly, and the cleaning steps are as follows.

             ?、?Carefully screw off the oil cup from the equipment (except for the press fit oil cup). Because the threaded part of the oil cup is easy to break in the neck, it should be handled carefully.

             ?、?Remove the residual oil and residue in the oil cup.

             ?、?Wash repeatedly with cleaning agent, which can be oil agent or water agent.

             ?、?Clean the detergent carefully, especially the water detergent. Because the residual detergent will deteriorate the newly added lubricant.

             ?、?Reinstall the cleaned oil cup on the equipment.

             ?、?The installed oil cup shall be immediately filled with the lubricant of the required brand label to avoid missing the lubricating points after cleaning.